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Channeled Messages: On Creativity

Channeled Messages: On Creativity *For your own private channeled message, go to! No question too big or too small!   -Beginning of Channeled Message- Understand that each human is creative in their own right. Understand that how one defines their creativity is what defines its effect. Understand that you may no think you are creative, […]

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Different Ways You Can Channel

There are many different ways or things a person can channel. It doesn’t have to be vocal channeling or trance mediumship, where a being is speaking though you. Channeling is connecting in with higher energies and being the vessel to bring through the information. A person does this while in a trance state. You know […]

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Meditation: Mandalas

Mandalas are a meditation tool to gain knowledge from within and to become one with the universe. The word “Mandala” means circle and they originate with Hindus and Buddhists. They represent the universe and wholeness and symbolize the idea that life is never ending. How to use: Select a mandala that appeals to you, you […]

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