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On Trance States

When you are in a trance state that is when it is easy to connect with higher energies to get information. You will always use various states of trance when you are doing intuitive work of any kind. It is learning how to put yourself there deliberately so that you can connect right away or […]

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Recommend Reads: Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune (1891-1946) was a very influential figure of the 20th century spiritual and esoteric movement. She was a powerful psychic, prolific writer and psychologist. She founded the The Fraternity of the Inner Light in 1924 and was a member of the hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, whose other members included Alister Crowley and W.B. […]

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Channeling Music

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I am a singer/songwriter! Channeling music has been something I have been doing for about ten years now. I sing and write country music and recorded an album in Nashville last year. Art, music and writing are just other ways of channeling. It […]

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What is a Trance State?

A trance state is simply an altered state of consciousness. You are in different degrees of trance states through out the day with out even realizing it. An obvious one is waking up/going to sleep, but also while watching TV, driving, reading, playing sports etc. Most peoples normal state is very aware of their environment […]

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Something To Think About!

While I was at the Arthur Findlay College, we did an exercise where we were put into groups and given a topic to discuss. My groups was “what is the purpose of life”. So we came up with some ideas such as being true to who you are, following your path and giving love. Then […]

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