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On Trance States

When you are in a trance state that is when it is easy to connect with higher energies to get information. You will always use various states of trance when you are doing intuitive work of any kind. It is learning how to put yourself there deliberately so that you can connect right away or […]

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Recommended Reads: Physical Mediumship

For those interested in physical mediumship, here are some great books on the subject! Careful, they have been known to dematerialize! We’re still waiting for a few books to re-materialize… Physical mediumship is where everyone can hear, see and experience spirit. More info here In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship by Robin P. Foy “This book […]

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How To Start A Home Circle

Starting a home circle is a great idea for those looking to develop and strengthen their skills in mediumship, psychic work, energy healing or channeling. Some of the best mediums in the world still get together each week with their circle. You will want to find anywhere from three to ten people for your circle […]

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We’re Putting On A Show!

Tammy and Elora are putting on a show! We hope to see you there! ūüôā Many Voices of Spirit : Music, Mediumship and Channeling Date: Friday August 5th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm Location: West End Studio Theatre, 1109 North Service Road East, Oakville Tickets: $30 A magical evening of spirit inspired songs, messages from […]

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