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Picking An Angel Card Deck

Angel cards are a great way to practise and learn to connect with angels and your guides. They are simple to use and can help validate information you are picking up psychically. They can help provide you with insight into all areas of your life! Here are some angel card decks that I have used […]

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10 Tips For A Successful Angel Board Session

The Angel Communication Board is a great tool to help you to connect to the other side. For more information and to get your own go to: Here are 10 tips to help you have a successful Angel Communication Board session! Meditate beforehand. Relax and allow. The more you let go, the more spirit can […]

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On Trance States

When you are in a trance state that is when it is easy to connect with higher energies to get information. You will always use various states of trance when you are doing intuitive work of any kind. It is learning how to put yourself there deliberately so that you can connect right away or […]

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Different Ways You Can Channel

There are many different ways or things a person can channel. It doesn’t have to be vocal channeling or trance mediumship, where a being is speaking though you. Channeling is connecting in with higher energies and being the vessel to bring through the information. A person does this while in a trance state. You know […]

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How To Start A Home Circle

Starting a home circle is a great idea for those looking to develop and strengthen their skills in mediumship, psychic work, energy healing or channeling. Some of the best mediums in the world still get together each week with their circle. You will want to find anywhere from three to ten people for your circle […]

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How To Use Angel Cards

Angel cards are an easy and effective way to get information and to connect with the angels. They are positive and inspiring and they have a nice, gentle energy to them. You can get angel cards at Chapters, online or any spiritual/metaphysical store. I use Doreen Virtues Angel Tarot Cards, but there are many different […]

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Channeled Messages: “About Us”

I’v been finding a lot of changes happening especially with my channeling. I feel like I am on to a new chapter. I usually let what I’ve been referring to as “angels” take the lead on what they wish to talk about. They wanted to talk about themselves today and sort of explain who they […]

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