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Science Time: Mediums Tested Under Lab Conditions

Understanding some of the science behind intuitive work is important in creating trust and validity of this type of work and if anything else, it is fascinating! This is an interview with Dr. Julie Beische by the podcast Skeptiko. Dr. Beische is the preeminent researcher of mediumship and the founder of the Windbridge Institute which […]

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Channeled Messages: On Creating Confidence

Channeled Messages: On Creating Confidence -Beginning of channeled message- Understand that having confidence in yourself is the knowing and trusting in yourself and your abilities. Understand that true confidence comes from taking action, from creating trust with yourself and from valuing who you are. Understand that creating trust with yourself is the idea of if […]

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Channeled Messages: For 2019

Channeled Messages: For 2019 Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are ready for this year! This is a channeled message about this year and what to expect.   -Beginning of channeled message- Understand that your planet has gone through many changes over the past five years. Understand that much of the […]

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