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How To Use Angel Cards

Angel cards are an easy and effective way to get information and to connect with the angels. They are positive and inspiring and they have a nice, gentle energy to them. You can get angel cards at Chapters, online or any spiritual/metaphysical store. I use Doreen Virtues Angel Tarot Cards, but there are many different […]

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Channeled Message: Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! (yay! or boo… depending on your stance on valentines day) It’s the day that the corporation and/or cupid tells us to celebrate our love! I like chocolate so I’m cool with valentines day. Here’s a channeled message on love! -Beginning of Channeled Message- When one falls in love, energetic bonds become stronger. […]

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What is a Trance State?

A trance state is simply an altered state of consciousness. You are in different degrees of trance states through out the day with out even realizing it. An obvious one is waking up/going to sleep, but also while watching TV, driving, reading, playing sports etc. Most peoples normal state is very aware of their environment […]

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