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Meditation: Putting Up Protection

This is a meditation for putting up protection. Protection is very important anytime you are opening yourself up to different energies. Remember we only want beings of love and light! (unless your an mean and evil lightworker, than this doesn’t apply to you…) This doesn’t just have to be for spiritual purposes, you can use […]

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The Vibrational Landscape

There are different energy “levels” when working with higher beings/spirit.  Each group vibrates at the their own frequency. When you connect in with angels or spirit guides for example your are connecting in with their vibrational frequency. Your energy is blending with theirs. If you think of it like a skyscraper in the basement you […]

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How Mediums Receive Information

How we receive our information is up to spirit and each spirit communicates differently. To which we say “dammit spirit!” just when we think we’ve got it all figured out! Every mediumship reading is different which can make it challenging, but remember to always give what you get! Everyone has all four clairs, clairvoyance, clairaudience, […]

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